Getting Excellent at a Care Inspectorate Scotland inspection in 2023.

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Understanding what Care Inspectorate Scotland (CIS) wants

Get up to speed with what CIS really look for at inspection, the three most important things to get right and the special extras that can get your domiciliary care business to 'excellent'.

This webinar is designed to provide a straightforward, jargon-free introduction to meeting and exceeding CIS expectations. The information shared has come from major industry bodies, outstanding homecare providers and the extremely knowledgable care professionals birdie are privileged to work alongside.

Our aim with this webinar and others like our Recruitment or Council tenders webinars, is to bring together all that knowledge into one place - so you can get up to speed without the hassle.

Let’s take flight, together!



  • The basics of what the Care Inspectorate Scotland (CIS) are looking for at inspection
  • The most important things to get right
  • What gets your business to the next level
  • How birdie can help you get there

Who is this webinar for?

Owners, Managing Directors and Registered Managers of small to medium sized domiciliary care businesses who are looking to achieve a successful outcome at their next CIS inspection.

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Meet the speakers

Lucy Ogilvie

Content and Community Lead

Lucy works as the Content and Community Lead at Birdie, and has been responsible for the creation and structuring of Birdie's regulatory resources. She works closely with industry experts, Birdie partners and regulatory insiders to bring all the knowledge you need into one place.


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