20th January at 13:00-14.00

How to win more council tenders in 2022.

In partnership with Insequa Ltd

We partnered with tender specialist Insequa Ltd. to bring you an exclusive webinar.

This webinar will help you understand how to win more domiciliary care tenders in 2022 and is packed with actionable insights on how to prepare and write successful tenders for your home care agency. 

Points we discussed during the session:

  • How to write a successful domiciliary care tender
  • How to bid for domiciliary care tenders
  • What to avoid when preparing and writing a tender
  • How to be ready for success when you win your first tender 












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Meet the speakers

Peter Hamilton

Co-Founder and Director of Insequa Ltd

Peter has spent over 25 years working with SMEs formerly on company turnarounds via strategic change and is a Co-Founder and Director of Insequa Ltd.

He has written and bid directed many successful tenders including Healthcare, Dentistry, Advocacy, Translation services, Mental Health, Homecare, Social Care and several for ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) grant funding.
Peter has acted as a bid evaluator and moderator for several public-sector commissioners.

Georgina Orchard

Senior Onboarding Manager at Birdie

Georgina joined Birdie at the end of last year as a Senior Onboarding Manger, previously she worked in the Adult and Child Social Care sector for over 4 years, working across multiple functions building and developing her knowledge.

Over the past 2 years she worked for a Home Care agency focusing on bidding for Council Tenders to support and expand the business, successfully winning to join the framework for Gloucestershire Home Care and Supported Living and Oxfordshire Live Well at Home.



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