How to benchmark your agency’s finances: Learn if your homecare agency is spending and saving in the right places 

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Running a successful homecare agency means dealing with tight margins and high instability - so having a strong sense of how to control costs and maximise efficiency is essential. But…

  • How do you know if you’re over-spending?
  • How do you identify if you’re missing out on opportunities to make savings?
  • How do you know where you stand against other agencies that you might be competing with?

In this webinar, you’ll find out:

How to break down the average homecare agency’s costs and showing you what "good" should look like, so that you can pinpoint your opportunities and challenges quickly. 

Join us as our industry experts show exactly how much you should be spending where per hour of care - from travel time to equipment and recruitment.  

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Meet the speakers

Max Toone

Senior Account Executive at Birdie

Max Toone has spent 4.5 years at Birdie, where he has become an expert in tackling the challenges that homecare agencies face daily. With a specialized focus on maximising operational and financial efficiencies, Max brings to the webinar a deep understanding of industry benchmarks and best practices. As you explore whether your agency is spending and saving wisely, his insights will be invaluable.

Frederic Beriro

Product Manager - Finance

Frederic Beriro is the Product Manager for the finance product at Birdie. Leveraging his expertise in financial technology and an acute understanding of homecare agency needs, Frederic has been pivotal in shaping a product that simplifies complex financial processes. His work focuses on helping agencies realise efficiencies in billing, payroll, and financial reporting. Join Frederic to discover how you can optimize your agency's financial health.

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