Grow your business with council tenders this year

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It’s been a tough year financially for many care businesses; and this coming year looks to have even more in store. That’s why now is the ideal time to take a close look at council tenders!

Council tenders are a powerful way to reach more care recipients and secure your business’ success this year and beyond. Tender applications can often feel unclear, complicated and time-consuming. This exclusive webinar will help you and your team get set up to win council tenders, and provide valuable information on how to keep delivering on the councils KPIs and requests for evidence once you’ve won.

Along with all the essential steps you need to set yourself up for success, discover how technology like Birdie can help you maximise your chances of winning council tenders by highlighting and evidencing the strength of your operations and personalised care.


This webinar is all about how to win crucial domiciliary care tenders this year. From the basics of what council tenders are, how they can grow your care business’ revenue and how to increase your chances of winning them.

Best for

  • CEOs, business and franchise owners looking to secure their care business’ client base
  • CFO’s and Finance managers looking to source, lock in and grow revenue
  • Registered managers and Care co-ordinators who’ll be managing the care professionals carrying out the council tender


  • The basics of how council tenders work
  • What councils look for in a potential tender winner
  • How to write a successful domiciliary care tender
  • How to bid for domiciliary care tenders
  • What to avoid when preparing and writing a tender
  • How to be ready for success when you win your first tender; including managing timelines, utilising technology to navigate resourcing and how to deliver on council KPIs
  • How Birdie can increase your chances of winning, succeeding and thriving

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Cliff Daulby

Senior Bid Manager at Tenders UK

I help Health and Social Care businesses win large-scale Public Sector contracts, and have worked with over 200 different companies in this sector over the last decade. That breadth of insight into sector has helped me understand and respond to changing priorities within the NHS and local government. My role as a Bid Manager is to help companies understand contract opportunities clearly, challenge and refine their delivery approach, and then work out how to mobilise it in a way which shows a distinct advantage over the opposition.

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