Maximising Care Business Monitoring with birdie: Unleash the Power of Analytics and Client Feed

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Join us for an informative webinar where Jack Burge, Product Training Specialist at Birdie, will demonstrate how Birdie revolutionises care business monitoring.

Discover the power of Birdie Analytics and Client Feed in making data-driven decisions and gaining real-time visibility. Save time with streamlined auditing processes and prioritise operational needs based on comprehensive insights. Learn about the Q Score, a personalised rating system inspired by CQC KLOEs, tailored for Care Inspectorate Wales and Care Inspectorate Scotland. Uncover ways to gauge your agency's performance and achieve outstanding ratings.

Explore the untapped potential of the Client Feed feature, streamlining communication and simplifying audit notes with KLOE tags. By leveraging Birdie's tools, continuously improve care quality, streamline operations, and showcase excellence. Gain real-time visibility and react promptly to resolve concerns. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock Birdie's potential and elevate your care business. Join us for the webinar and discover how Birdie empowers you to deliver exceptional care.

What you’ll learn:

Birdie Analytics: Unleashing the Power of Data

  • Understanding the importance of analytics in care business monitoring
  • Exploring Birdie's analytics reports and graphs
  • Real-world examples showcasing how analytics can drive quality assurance and identify business strengths/opportunities

Maximising the Client Feed Feature for Auditing

  • Introduction to the Client Feed and its significance in care business monitoring
  • Demonstrating how to utilise the Client Feed for auditing purposes
  • Utilising tagging and Looker for streamlined reporting and evidence collection

Showcasing Care Quality and Responding to Concerns 

  • How Birdie empowers you to showcase care quality effectively
  • Strategies for responding promptly to concerns and resolving issues

Who’s this webinar for:

  • Care business owners focused on efficiency
  • Operations managers and directors
  • Care managers & Care coordinators

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Meet the speakers

Jack Burge

Product Training Specialist

 Jack's mission is to support organisations in the delivery of outstanding care for the betterment of the communities they serve. Having worked with several NHS trusts in implementing and digitising their quality improvement programmes he understands and empathises with both the challenge but also the reward that comes from implementing digital solutions that empower staff and support service improvements.

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About Birdie: Birdie is a home care management software designed to help agencies digitise their care processes, enabling them to deliver high quality care whilst reducing time on admin and auditing. Birdie is trusted by some of the UK's best known home care agencies.

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