Beyond COVID-19: How digital assessments are transforming care

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COVID-19 has been a stark realisation for many agencies that the future of care is digital. The problems with paper have been only further amplified by the crisis, and it’s clear that a shift needs to happen - to move towards digital care planning and delivery.  

Although many agencies are already using digital solutions for rostering and payroll, they haven't yet taken the step to digitising care assessments. 

We were delighted to welcome Sarah Rouski, from Hummingbird Home Care, as well as our own Johanna Barlow to discuss the benefits of digital care assessments and to give practical advice on implementing a digital assessment solution.

Points covered:
  • The benefits of using digital care assessments
  • How digital care assessments can ensure your agency meets CQC requirements
  • The steps for implementing a digital care assessment system

This webinar is pre-recorded. If you have any questions about the content please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Meet the Speakers

Johanna Barlow

Product Manager at Birdie

Johanna is a Product Manager at Birdie, and has previously worked at Sensyne Health and Your.MD where she was involved in clinical AI and health data projects. She is also a fully qualified GP with over six years of post-graduate medical experience in the NHS where she also worked as a clinical leadership fellow.

She made a move to the private sector with the willingness to explore other ways to improve people's health and quickly found a passion for product management and building technology that could improve people’s lives. Her experience in medical device accreditation only furthers her commitment to making a real difference in the world of health and tech.

Sarah Rouski

Care Team Leader at Hummingbird Home Care

Hummingbird Homecare are providers of domiciliary home care based in Great Sankey providing care for adults in Warrington and also the surrounding areas. 

Hummingbird Home Care are extremely passionate and committed in providing holistic personalised support to a high standard for their clients, therefore enabling them to remain living at home, also aiming to give them the best support and home care that we can. They focus on supporting their clients and their needs in a person centered manner, also to help in keeping them as Independent as possible whilst maintaining there dignity and choice.

Hummingbird tailor each client’s personal specific needs and requirements by offering a bespoke home care person centered package, using Birdie software to digitally assess and deliver care.

About Birdie

Birdie is a home care management software designed to help agencies digitise their care processes, enabling them to deliver high quality care whilst reducing time on admin and auditing. Birdie is trusted by some of the UK's best known home care agencies. Discover more about Birdie here.

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