State of Tech in Care: 2021

How digitally equipped are you?



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Download the State of Tech in Care 2021 report and learn how other care providers are using technology to maximise efficiency in their business.

Understand how to leverage technology in your business and implement successful tools that will transform the way you deliver care.


In this report, you'll learn:

  • What's the current state of adoption in the care industry?
  • Real-life stories from care providers highlighting how tech transformed their businesses
  • How to implement the right technology to transform YOUR business
  • How to define how digitally equipped you are and ensure you have a competitive edge

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Key findings include:


Technology usage by care business in the UK

Find out how many care businesses are using dedicated care software, what type of software, and when they started using it.


Tangible benefits of using dedicated care software

Understand the full benefits of using technology in your business, from time, money, risk-reduction and more.


Compare yourself to other care business and see where you stand

Understand what stage of your digital journey you are on, how can you level up, and how Birdie can help.

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Technology is becoming a necessity to remain competitive, and evidence compliance. If you don’t have some kind of technology to assist in care delivery, you will lose business and you will lose the opportunity. Your business will suffer. Whether you like it or not, it’s something that will need to be embraced in the coming months"

Phil Mason, Key 2 Care.


58% of surveyed agencies benchmarked at Level 2

Our report offers practical guidance to help you level up, no matter which level you're at.

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59% of surveyed care providers are saving over £500 a month

In an underfunded sector, being smart with your resources is key. Find out how technology is helping over half of the people we surveyed to save £500+ every month.


How digitally equipped are you?

47% of our respondents have been using software for over a year, but only 34% launched their business with dedicated technology from the start. Where do you stand? Find out by downloading the report.

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