Fast track recruitment: How to recruit in a crisis

In our recent survey over 80% of home care agencies told us that recruitment was their biggest challenge - and this has been amplified even further by the crisis. 

That's why we've put together this guide with practical tips,  activities and resources to help you recruit the right people as quickly as possible. 



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Learn how to recruit faster - even in the most challenging situations

Write a job ad that attracts the right people

Understand how to write a job ad that attracts the people who share your agency's values. 

Understand which channels work 

Learn which channels to prioritise to rapidly recruit candidates that will stay with your agency.

Master the interview & onboarding processes

Access the complete checklist of every step you need for a comprehensive interview process. 

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“The overwhelming challenge is in the flood of new applicants, and how we keep our values and make sure we recruit the right people."

Neil Eastwood
CEO and Founder, Care Friends


Understand the recruitment market

We use research and statistics throughout the ebook to help you understand the home care recruitment market and refine your HR strategy including:

  • Which industries care workers come from
  • Which recruitment channels work best to hire qualified care workers who stay 
  • Which processes can help nearly halve the recruitment time for new hires
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Checklists, activities & downloads

We've designed this guide to be as practical as possible so therefore have included:

  • A free business needs mapping sheet to help you identify who you need to hire
  • Example copy for job ads that work
  • A step by step plan for your interview process
  • A comprehensive checklist for success to ensure that you don't miss any key steps 
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Recruit the right people, as quickly as possible

Download our free ebook to get all the information you need to recruit carers effectively and rapidly. 

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