COVID-19: How to prepare your home care agency for a second wave

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After what we've all been through this year, no one wants to think about the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19. Unfortunately the risk is real and so it's important to take the time now to ensure that your home care agency is as prepared as possible to face a potential crisis.

To discuss this topic we invited Josie Winter from Advanced Clinical Solutions, who has shared her thoughts on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Malte Gerhold, formerly of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and now Chief Integrated Care Officer at Birdie who also joined us to discuss how we can use technology to support integrated care pathways post COVID-19. 

This webinar took the form of a discussion.

Points we'll discuss during the webinar:

  • The implications of a second wave for the home care sector
  • The Infection Prevention and Control processes, policies and plans that you should have in place
  • Managing your PPE stock in anticipation
  • Communicating with your team, clients and their families about the possibility of a second wave
  • The future of integrated care at home in a post-COVID world

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Meet the Speaker

Amanda Sibley


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Josie Winter

Clinical Operations Director at Advanced Clinical Solutions.

Josie is the Clinical Operations Director at Advanced Clinical Solutions. She is a highly experienced clinician and trainer and is passionate about supporting others to achieve excellence. Josie has clinical qualifications in operating department practice and a Master's degree in infection prevention & control. She also has additional qualifications in training and advanced clinical audit.

Malte Gerhold

Chief Integrated Care Officer at Birdie

Malte Gerhold is the Chief Integrated Care Officer at Birdie. Malte leads on bringing Birdie's insights into older adult home care and well-being to Local Authorities and the NHS. Prior to joining Birdie, Malte was a member of the Executive and Board at the Care Quality Commission, leading on strategy, analytics and communications. He has lived and worked in Sierra Leone, and before that worked in the UK at the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, the Department of Health, and Accenture. He is a member of the Sciana Global Health Leaders Network, a Fellow of the RSA, and was a Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Science & Policy.

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