Care Inspectorate Scotland Inspection worksheets

Simple, free downloadable worksheets that help you and your team gather your evidence, get your team ready and manage any last-minute preparation for your next Care Inspectorate Scotland inspection.

Feel confident for your next inspection

Download, print and share these worksheets with your team to help everyone feel cool, confident and ready for your next inspection.

What do you get?

  1. CIS evidence checklist: gather and tick off the evidence you need to meet the Inspector's expectations

  2. CIS team questions: help your team feel ready for any questions that may come their way

  3. CIS final preparation tips: a last minute guide for when the big day arrives
Registered Manager (1)

Registered Managers

looking for a better understanding of Care Inspectorate Scotland inspections and expectations
Managers and business owners (1)

Managers and business owners

to share with your team and get prepared for your next Care Inspectorate Scotland inspection

"Things have evolved so much within care, especially now from a regulators perspective. There’s a big push on systems and being able to have less systems in place. To have one that is just much more intuitive, and that you can actually grow with…and I think that’s where we’ve potentially found that relationship with Birdie."

Charlotte Driver-Young, Registered Manager at Christies Care (Rated Outstanding at CQC)


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Whatever your goals, Birdie's monitoring and auditing tools can help you continuously improve and evidence best-practice across all areas of your agency.

It's easier than ever to:

  • Evidence your strengths
  • Overcome your challenges
  • Maintain total visibility

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About Birdie: 

Birdie equips care providers with the essential digital tools they need to manage, grow and succeed in delivering outstanding care. Alongside a host of practical resources and support for the care industry, Birdie provides a unique single platform solution used by care businesses of all sizes, with care management, rostering, financing and analytics tools.