What's driving your performance?

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In just one click, see all of your agency's data.

Our new analytics tool can help you to make the right decisions for your business and provide the best quality care.


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Become a data champion, today!

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Care Quality

  • Quality Score
  • Medication & Care Task Completion
  • Alert Resolution & Responsiveness


  • Monthly Active Clients & Carers
  • Visit & Hours Delivered



Personalise care

Make better decisions for your care recipients. See how small changes to your agency can improve and make your care more personal


Save time on admin

Having your data instantly at your fingertips, get straight to the analysis and remove time spent on admin


Reduce medication risks

Getting a birds-eye view on how your agency is performing could help you reduce the risks of repetitive errors

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Helping you

Provide Consistent Care

Use Birdie Analytics to see trends. Do you know how many carer's attend one recipient? Use the trend boards to reduce turnover and know your clients are receiving high-quality, consistent care.

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Providing improved

Transparency on Punctuality

We all know that overruns happen all the time when it comes to caring and you often need to provide evidence to a council for billing increases. Use the Birdie Analytics dashboard to see how many visits have run over, or under quickly.

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Taking control of

Medication Analysis

Accessing the correct medication information is vital to providing safe care and the success of your care agency. Birdie Analytics allows you to see how many tasks have been completed and drill into individual branches or carers to see exactly what's happening.

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Quality provided

20 specialised boards

Our data scientists have spent time with clients to understand their current business blind spots. We're always evolving these boards, to make sure they give you everything you need to succeed.

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Elite Care - Case Study (0-03-18-17)@2x

”Having Birdie Analytics helps massively. Before, I had to do a report manually and add the hours etc... Now I just log into Birdie Analytics, run the report and it's right in front of me! My team mastered using it in two weeks and it’s already very useful.”

Julie Slater
Care Owner, Trust Home Care

Birdie Analytics saves you money.

Our clients tell us that they often have to employ someone to take charge of the data analysis ahead of CQC Inspections and to monitor performance. 


Imagine saving 92% of an annual salary?


average salary cost of a Training & Quality Officer per year


saved using Birdie Analytics

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Less time on admin,
more time caring

Care Quality
  • Quality Score
  • Medication & Care Task Completion
  • Care Plan Completion
  • Alert Resolution & Responsiveness
  • Visit Punctuality & Fulfilment
  • Monthly Active Clients and Carers 
  • Visits and Hours Delivered 
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